Design researcher
and prototyper

A series of musical instruments that modulates the same sound source uniquely forcing interaction and collaboration between individual users.

︎ Materials: Plywood, electronics
︎ Tools: Fusion360,  arduino, C++
︎ Process: Rapid prototyping, interaction design


Playing music should be fun and it doesn’t get more fun than jamming out with your friends.

But mastering an instrument takes time and hard practice. Why can’t we skip to the fun bit straight away?

The Theramore is a series of instruments that can only be played with other people. It allows you to collaborate harmoniously and effortlessly.

Think of it like the Theremin’s younger, more extroverted, sibling that has loads of friends and doesn’t freak people out by wailing atonally.


The Theramore was created using an interative rapid prototyping process with human interaction at the heart. 

Each step of the way involved ideating, designing, testing with real people and then distilling leanring for the next stage of prototyping.

modern housing was designed to enclose the electronics and mechanical components, featuring:

• 4 x arduino motherboards

• Bespoke gears system for visualisation

• Speakers and sensors

Copyright to Will Eliot